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UniBond 3B Acetoxy Silicone Black 300ml

UniBond 3B Acetoxy Silicone Black 300ml

Stay Fresh Anti Mould Sanitary Ice White Silicone 300ml

The Ultimate Anti-Mould Sealant. Neutral cure silicone that contains powerful anti-fungicidal anti-biodal agents. For sealing in all areas prone to high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. Sealing of all sanitary ware including baths, basins, showers, toilets and glazed tile surrounds.

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STAY FRESH - eliminates all problems associated with traditional sealants when used in areas of high humidity - a permanent end to unsightly mould and fungus, discolouration, adhesion problems and bad odours. Stay Fresh is the ultimate anti-mould shower and bathroom sealant. Prevents mould, fungus, discolouration, and bad odours when used in areas of high humidity. Contains a powerful dual action fungicide and biocide. Does not contain or release acids. Can be used safely in kitchen areas where food is prepared.

Dual Action - Includes a powerful dual action fungicide and biocide, but is safe enough to use in food preparation areas.

Low Odour - Unlike traditional sealants it does not smell of vinegar, doesn't contain or release acids and is compatible with all plumbing materials including copper piping. Low Emissions - Stay Fresh is classified as a low emission product, rated A+ Indoor Emission Level and EC1plus under GEV-EMICODE.

Basis Polysiloxane
Consistency Stable paste
Curing system Moisture curing
Skin formation* (23°C/50% R.H.) Ca. 9 min
Curing speed * (23°C/50% R.H.) Ca. 2 mm/24h
Hardness** 25 ± 5 Shore A
Density** Ca. 1,03 g/ml (transp, brilliant white)
Ca. 1,25 g/ml (colours)
Elastic recovery (ISO 7389)** > 80 %
Maximum allowed distortion 25 %
Max. tension (ISO 37)** Ca. 1,25 N/mm²
Elasticity modulus 100% (ISO 37)** Ca. 0,39 N/mm²
Elongation at break (ISO 37)** > 700 %
Temperature resistance** -60 °C → 180 °C
Application temperature 5 °C → 35 °C
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