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Soudal Fix All Crystal Clear Sealant & Adhesive

Soudal Fix All Crystal Clear Sealant & Adhesive

Soudal T-Rex Recycled Grab Adhesive

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Water-based bonding adhesive

T-REX MONTAGE HEAVY MATERIALS is the first super strength fibre-reinforced grab adhesive made of 80% recycled raw materials. The 100% strong adhesive is suitable for bonding heavy building materials and loads up to 250kg/m².

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T-Rex 80% Recycled Grab Adhesive is perfect for working with heavy materials, especially when a powerful instant grab is required (250kg/m²). Soudal's Fibre Reinforced Technology ensures an ultimate bond strength, providing the user with a reliable fixing method on most common building materials (at least one surface must be porous). The solvent-free formulation is ideal for use on sensitive materials, such as polystyrene.




T-Rex is compatible with most common building materials used in the construction industry. Ideal for bonding skirting boards, coving, dado rails and other decorative moldings. Simply apply firm pressure to activate the initial grab properties. The adhesive is adjustable for up to 10 minutes, making it ideal for corrections and leveling once the surfaces are pressed together.



  • Wood
  • Synthetics*
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Cork
  • Polystyrene
  • Ceramics
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Tiles
  • Plaster And many more...

*Not suitable for PP, PE, PTFE & Bitumen

  • 80% recycled material
  • Contains bio-based material
  • Initial tack: 250 kg/m² (full surface bonding)
  • Suitable for bonding on uneven surfaces
  • Direct application onto one substrate
  • Very good adhesion on many porous materials
  • Suitable for interior use
  • Very good adhesion on all usual porous building surfaces
  • Suitable for solid fixing of materials like wood, synthetic materials, stone, wall tiles, metal on surfaces of concrete, stone, plasterwork, wood, chipboard etc.
  • Suitable for bonding panel work, panels, skirting boards of wood and PVC, cable tray and the most frequent decoration materials

Application method:

Apply the adhesive by means of a caulking gun in equal beads or dots on one of the materials that have to be glued. Always apply a bead on the edges of the components and on the edges and corners of panels. Press the surfaces immediately together and batten down with a rubber hammer. Support if needed. The bond may be loaded after 24-48 hours. Cleaning: Before curing, T-Rex Montage Heavy materials - Recycled can be removed with water from substrates and tools. Cured T-Rex Montage Heavy materials - Recycled can only be removed mechanically.

Base Synthetic rubber
Consistency Paste
Curing System Physical drying and crystallization
Specific Gravity Ca. 1.35 g/cm
Temperature resistance -20C until +70C
Open Time (*) 5 min.
Initial grab At least 125kg/m
End strength wood-wood Ca. 13 kg/cm
End strength wood- aluminium Ca. 13 kg/cm
End strength wood- PVC Ca. 12 kg/cm
Application Temperature +5C until +30C
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