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Welcome to Ace Fixings' woodworking power tools collection, the place to be for precision and performance in woodworking. It’s where craftsmanship meets innovation, a collection carefully curated for professionals and woodworking enthusiasts alike. Our range includes top-quality planers and routers from leading brands like Makita and Bosch, ensuring you have the tools you need to bring your woodworking projects to life.

  1. Out of stock
    Makita B06030 Orbital Sander 110V
    £99.00 £118.80
  2. In stock
    Makita KP0800K/1 82mm Planer 110V
    £124.95 £149.94
  3. Out of stock
    Makita RP0900X 240V Plunge Router
    £125.00 £150.00
  4. Out of stock
    Makita RP0900X/1 110V Plunge Router
    £125.00 £150.00
  5. In stock
    Bosch GHO 26-82D Professional Planer
    £160.00 £192.00
  6. Out of stock
    Makita RP2301FCX 1/2" Plunge Router 240V
    £232.00 £278.40
  7. Out of stock
    Makita RP2301FCX/1 1/2" Plunge Router 110V
    £262.00 £314.40
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