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Imex LX3DG 360 Degree Green Line Laser

Imex LX3DG 360 Degree Green Line Laser

Imex L2G Mini Cross Line Green Beam Laser

Imex L2G Mini Cross Line Green Beam Laser

Imex LX22 Cross Line Green Beam Laser

The Imex LX22 Green Beam Crossline Laser Level projects sharp, bright lines across any room with a high level of accuracy. Features include a locking pendulum, which is both a very important safety feature to protect the integrity of the laser level and a useful feature for projecting lines out of level when needed. The LX22 represents incredible value for money and is perfect for any tradesperson or serious DIY enthusiast who is looking for a professional line laser at a low price point.

Comes with:  1 x Magnetic Bracket

                        1 x Hard Carry Case

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In stock

This LX22 has 1x sharp vertical line and 1x horizontal line, plumb up and down spot. It features an excellent magnetic rotating bracket and a pulsating mode for outdoor use with an optional detector up to 50m, this is the most efficient cross line laser available giving better results every time. The Lx22 is the ultimate palm laser, you can also turn the self-levelling function off and create a laser line wherever needed.

Applications Include

  • Shopfitting and cabinet installation
  • Wall and floor tiling
  • Wall Partitions
  • Electrical switch and light placement
  • Steel fabrication alignment and set out
  • Interior decorating
  • Window and door placement

Light Source

635nm Red Diodes