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Drywall Screws Zinc 4.2 x 65mm (Box of 500)

Drywall Screws Zinc 4.2 x 65mm (Box of 500)

Drywall Screws Zinc 4.2 x 75mm (Box of 500)

Drywall Screws Zinc 4.2 x 75mm (Box of 500)

Drywall Screws Zinc Speed Tip 4.2 x 65mm (Box of 500)

These drywall screws provide much better holding power than plasterboard nails. Zinc plated for corrosion protection. Speed tip is ideal for fixing panels to metal. Bugle head designed to finish flush with plasterboard.
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Drywall Screws Zinc Speed Tip 4.2 X 65mm (Box Of 500)

Drilling into plasterboard, you want to ensure that when screws are in place, they’ll never let you down. These zinc speed tip 65mm drywall screws do just that. If you want screws with decent holding power and a clean finish, these will work wonders for you.

Available in a box of 500, get a great deal on 65mm zinc speed tip drywall screws when you shop at Ace Fixings.


Why do these 65mm screws have a zinc finish?

The zinc plating on these screws really helps with corrosion protection. This is much needed when working with plasterboard outside or in places where moisture can be a potential problem.


Will these screws look good on plasterboard?

Yes. These 50mm screws are bugle heads designed to finish flush with plasterboard, and the coating also means screws won’t be reflective.


What does the speed tip help with?

If you’re not familiar with using drywall screws on metal, if the most suitable option isn’t used, you can find that the board won’t sit in place just right. The speed tips allow you to get the screw into metal without much resistance.


Drilling without pre-drilling

Love time-saving solutions on the job? If you need to use drywall screws like these at speed, you might also like our 65mm drywall screws with piercing point – great for use on wood.


Finding the screws you need with our help

Ace Fixings has a varied range of drywall screws in stock, with both loose and collated screws available in a wide range of sizes. If there’s a specific size or type of drywall screw you’re looking for, Ace Fixings can help you find it. Get in touch by calling the team on 0845 6023393, and we’ll help you find a great deal on drywall screws.



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