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At Ace Fixings, we are proud to be able to offer adhesives, sealants, and silicones from one of the world’s leading brands, UniBond. UniBond products are synonymous with quality and reliability in the construction and industrial sectors and have been the number one choice for many professionals and keen DIYers over the past few decades.

Whether you’re in need of decorating caulk for a DIY project at home, or need the likes of glass or solvent cleaner professional use, shop for great deals on UniBond products online at Ace Fixings.

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    UniBond 7T Neutral Silicone Oak 300ml
    £5.25 £6.30
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    UniBond PU132 UPVC Solvent Cleaner
    £6.00 £7.20
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    Unibond 121 Decorating Caulk 280ml
    £1.65 £1.98
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    UniBond 10B Alcoxy Silicone White 300ml
    £6.50 £7.80
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    UniBond 10B Alcoxy Silicone Clear 300ml
    £6.00 £7.20
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    UniBond 10B Alcoxy Silicone Black 300ml
    £6.50 £7.80
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    UniBond Lead Silicone 300ml
    £5.95 £7.14
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    UniBond 10B Alcoxy Silicone Grey 300ml
    £7.00 £8.40
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    UniBond 7T Neutral Silicone White 300ml
    £4.20 £5.04
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    UniBond 3S Sanitary Silicone White 300ml
    £3.80 £4.56
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    UniBond 3B Acetoxy Silicone White 300ml
    £6.50 £7.80
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What UniBond products are available to buy?

  • Sealants & Adhesives
  • Silicones
  • Instant-Grab Adhesives
  • Industrial Glass Cleaners
  • Solvent Cleaners
  • Decorating Caulk

What makes UniBond products special?

Always at the forefront of innovation, UniBond has created products that push the boundaries of bonding technology and set new industry standards.

UniBond products can be used anywhere, from household repairs to large-scale industrial projects. Whether it’s bonding materials together, sealing gaps or securing heavy structures, UniBond offers solutions that stand the test of time.


UniBond Sealants & Adhesives

Engineered to bond a wide range of materials securely, UniBond sealants & adhesives are rapid-setting, resistant to high temperatures and highly versatile. Suitable for most common indoor and outdoor binding and sealing jobs, the UniBond FT101 Clear All Purpose Sealant & Adhesive is one of our most popular products here at Ace Fixings – which we have on offer when buying in bulk.


UniBond Silicones

Designed to provide long-lasting seals for a wide variety of applications, UniBond silicones are often used to seal around doors and windows or in kitchen and bathroom repair projects. Our range of UniBond sealants includes UniBond 7E Multi-Purpose Silicones, 7T Neutral Silicones, 3B Acetoxy Silicones and 10B Alcoxy Silicones in various colours, including white, grey, clear, brown, and black. Our range also includes the versatile Unibond Lead Silicone that offers excellent adhesion on most construction substrates, including all types of lead BS-EN 12588.


UniBond Instant Grab Adhesives

Ideal for both bonding and sealings, for indoor or outdoor use, our range of instant-grab adhesives include white and clear Unibond instant-grab adhesives that instantly grab all materials and substrates. 


UniBond Industrial Glass Cleaners

When needing an industrial glass cleaner that can remove tough stains, dirt, and grime from surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiling, chrome and stainless steel, look no further than our range of UniBond industrial cleaners – they will not disappoint, no matter the project at hand. One of the most popular cleaners at Ace Fixings is the highly-recommended UniBond Industrial Glass Cleaner 1L.   


UniBond Solvent Cleaners

If you need a high-quality solvent with excellent cleaning properties that can remove most contaminants, we can help. Our range of solvent cleaners includes the UniBond PU132 UPVC Solvent Cleaner that can be used on PVCu frames, windowsills, boards, garden furniture and plastic panels.


UniBond Decorating Caulks

Nothing does the job better when looking for a flawless professional finish for an interior decorating project like a high-quality caulk. We think UniBond caulk is the go-to choice for sealing gaps, cracks and joints around doors, windows, skirting boards or other interior surfaces. The UniBond 121 Decorating Caulk is the most popular caulk we have here at Ace Fixings.


Why choose UniBond at Ace Fixings

With free delivery on qualifying orders, Ace Fixings aims to provide unbeatable value when shopping with us. You can trust us to offer only genuine UniBond products that will unlock the full potential of your projects. 

And as always, should you need assistance get in touch with us today. Our knowledgeable team provides free technical independent advice on the best solution for your job.