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When looking for screws, fixings, fasteners, nails, or power tool accessories trusted by trade professionals daily, look no further than Timco products. Renowned for offering what some claim are the greatest screws on the market, Timco is a leading supplier of trade equipment that you can have complete confidence in.


Whether you’re in need of excellent screws, nails, timber hangers or tools, shop for great deals on Timco products when shopping online at Ace Fixings.

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    Timco 6" Adjustable Wrench
    £8.50 £10.20
  2. In stock
    M20 Plated Washer (Boxed 100)
    £7.50 £9.00
  3. In stock
    M16 Plated Washer (Boxed 100)
    £3.50 £4.20
  4. In stock
    M12 Plated Washers (Boxed 100)
    £2.90 £3.48
  5. In stock
    M10 Plated Washer (Boxed 100)
    £2.10 £2.52
  6. In stock
    M8 Plated Washer (Boxed 100)
    £1.95 £2.34
  7. In stock
    M6 Plated Washer (Boxed 100)
    £1.60 £1.92
  8. In stock
    Premier Diamond Blade 300mm
    £25.00 £30.00
  9. In stock
    5000 Screws
    £65.00 £78.00
  10. In stock
    M20 Plated Nuts (Boxed 50)
    £9.00 £10.80
  11. In stock
    M16 Plated Nuts (Boxed 100)
    £6.50 £7.80
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What Timco products are available to buy?

At Ace Fixings, the main types of Timco products we stock include:

  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Fasteners & Fixings
  • Concrete Anchors
  • Bolts
  • Window Fittings
  • Cordless Tools
  • Power Tool Accessories
  • Sealants and Adhesives
  • Site Equipment
  • Ironmongery & Hand Tools


What makes Timco products special?

Known as the go-to supplier of essentials for trade professionals, Timco offers a range of high-quality products like no other. Every Timco product is designed with the user in mind, ensuring they deliver exceptional results every time.

Timco woodscrews, chipboard screws, plasterboard fixings, self-drilling screws, decking screws, collated drywall screws and concrete fasteners, among many others, are available in our selection of Timco products.


Timco Screws

We stock a wide range of Timco screws, including:

  • Chipboard Screws, including yellow, blue, and black passivated chipboard screws and stainless steel chipboard screws
  • Drywall Screws
  • Self-Drilling Tek Screws
  • Window Screws, including UPVC screws, self-drilling screws, CSK screws and bay pole screws
  • Woodscrews, including zinc and brass countersunk screws and wood screws


Timco Nails

Some of the most popular Timco nails we have in our range include:

  • Masonry nails
  • Multi-purpose galvanised nails
  • Strip shot fire nails
  • Shot fire nails
  • Express nails
  • Hardened T-nails

The Timco nail range includes collated and loose nails.


Timco Fasteners & Fixings

Among the most popular Timco fasteners and fixings we have in stock are:

  • Metal insulation fixings
  • Hammer fixings
  • Pop Rivets
  • Hammer Plugs
  • Express Nails
  • Joist Hangers such as Timber to Masonry and Timber to Timber
  • Flat & Bridge Packers
  • Lock Pipe Clips
  • Assorted Plastic Shims


Timco Concrete Anchors

Our Timco concrete anchor range includes concrete framing screws available in multiple lengths and Multi-Fix Hex Head Bolts.


Timco Bolts

Roofing and Spouting bolts & nuts and Carriage bolts with nuts are available in our range of Timco Bolts.


Timco Window Fixings

Our range of window fittings from Timco includes:


Timco Cordless Tools

The most popular cordless tools we have in stock from Timco are the AN1019 A & K Mini Concrete T Nailer15G, a nailer that’s perfect for skirtings and dado rails and the TS410 Stihl Saw with Water Attachment Cut-Off Saw.


Power Tool Accessories

We stock a comprehensive range of power tool accessories from Timco, including:


Sealants & Adhesives

At Ace Fixings, we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of Timco sealants and adhesives, including: 


Site Equipment & Protection

We stock a comprehensive selection of site equipment from Timco, including:


Ironmongery & Hand Tools

Our ironmongery and hand tools collection from Timco includes:


Why choose Timco at Ace Fixings

At Ace Fixings, we strive to offer unparalleled value by providing quality products at great prices, free delivery on qualifying orders and excellent free technical independent advice.

Our range of Timco products makes it easy for us to do just that – with Timco, you are sure to always get excellent quality products at great prices. Contact us for any help with any of our Timco products today.

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